Blue Notes 2 Lyrics By Meek Mill & Lil Uzi Vert. And Featuring By Meek Mill & Lil Uzi Vert. Is The Latest English Song With Music Composed By Her. Blue Notes 2 Lyrics Is Written By Meek Mill & Lil Uzi Vert. Video By This Song Has Been Officially Released On Meek Mill Youtube Channel.
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Song Blue Notes 2
Singer Meek Mill & Lil Uzi Vert
Music Meek Mill & Lil Uzi Vert
Lyrics Meek Mill & Lil Uzi Vert
Lable Meek Mill
Blue Notes 2 Lyrics
Yo, nick papz, make it slap
You gotta turn me up in the headphones some more
A little bit more
Turn me up cruiz
So many motherf**king hundreds
You gotta make a part two

I’m not in competition with my homies
I’m whipping the competition and the rollie
I know my opposition never knew me
They wouldn’t be opposition if they know me
I made a proposition to my hitters
I told them to knock me down if you owe me
I just been sliding around, hitting them, get them
We moving with glock, pounds and the .40s
Them ni**as got shot down, we was whoring my homie a opp now
So we on him I was like sixteen with the mac on me deep in the field
Like it’s pop warner where did the sht scene ni**as cracked on me when it got real
Tried to slide on him I made some m’s, split the guys on them we keeping it real, ni**as not
And my homie a savage, I put in a casket
And I’m mad at him ‘cuz he died on us
Just left his funeral and I told his momma
Every time that she cry, we gone slide on them
I look you ni**as right dead in the eyes and I ain’t surprised you
Ain’t riding for us how would you feel if you bust some mills with some ni**as
And they switch side on you?
How would you feel?
When you so lit that you can’t tell if the law real
If I can’t tell you nothing
I’ll tell you how thug feel
And you ain’t rich ni**a your stash gone pay my drug bill pussy! Ni**a, this expensive pain
Pullingg expensive range

Now I got expensive chain
He got drug money (yeah)
That’s expensive game (yeah)
I got expensive shooter (yeah)
He got expensive aim (yeah)
You know it’s lil uzi
That’s an expensive name (yeah)

I’m goin hard and my back to the wall
I was like derek, just pumpin’ and faking
There’s no way they matching me off
Who really gone stick me and we getting busy
And we rappers when we ball
I won’t even brag this, I go triple platinum
And they said that was an award, eh

I switch my rollie up to a richard millie
In the trenches with some young ni**a tryna tell him how this rich sht really feel
You ain’t never been in the field with them late nights
Off benadryl with them great whites locked in a cell
Like shawshank, no redemption

I was richest ni**a in the prison I was strapping up when ni**as weren’t riding
I was the richest ni**a on a mission I was motivated, I watching moves yeah
The brokest ni**a in the kitchen
I was chasing million when they said I couldn’t
I was hard headed, I ain’t listen
Got a dad that never did
Now we all made it out the trenches, yeah

All of my money is new
All of my money is blue, riddle me this
I supposed to go get money
And keep doing favors and give all my money to who?
You keep telling me ni**as keep telling you what?
Why they be running to you?
Why every time ni**as talk about me and it’s bad
They keep coming to you?

I never got that part
Ni**a, know you my man but every time you wanna talk bad about me
They come to you and you come to me like lil’ hoe ass ni**a
I’ll slap the sht out you, fuk it

Hunnids on hunnids on hunnids on hunnids
My homie a opp, but he know how I rock
So you know that I’m ready, however he coming
We done went up on these ni**a like seventy-nothing
They talking about body, we talking about millions
We talking about money, they talking about killing

I gotta go to the bathroom soon as I walk in the building
You know how I’m living
Walking, I’m tucking and passing the glizzy
Don’t look how I…, you know I ain’t slipping
Come to your trenches, its me
And every one of my savage ni**as you know I ain’t tripping and I can’t get extorted
I’m balling like jordan we slidin with twenty
We toting and pimping it’s fuk what ni**a think
I just be laughing to the bank

I done pulled up with the presidential on my wrist
And this bi**h it like hillary
I was just in the kitchen whipping
Hannah montana like my name was billy ray
And I bet that I have me a hunnid million dollars on these
Ni**as before I be twenty-eight love her back
When bi**hes wasn’t loveing me twenty-thousand at best
She ain’t dumping me I’m on point ain’t no bi**h out here running me lamborghini
The same color bumblebee pull up cullinan, same color,
Butter seats in the game, ain’t no young ni**a touchin’ me
Yeah, she know that I’m the sht and she know that I’m rich every time that we fuk
She yell “nut in me”
Aye, lil uzi

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